What I Can Do For You As Your Digital Marketer

Good Morning,

If you have been following me, or maybe you just stumbled upon this post, I have been blogging twice a week for the last ten weeks.  Now you’re probably thinking, “so what?”.  While it may be of no interest to you, I created this blog ten weeks ago, not knowing how much it would teach me about not only marketing, but myself as a writer.  Ten weeks may sound like nothing to you, but regardless, take my word for it, I have come a long way.  Now If you clicked on this post, I am guessing you are looking for an answer to the title question.

So lets just cut to the chase, what can I do for you as a digital marketer?

As you may know, the world of digital marketing is constantly changing and adapting to new and improved technologies and methodologies.  What does this mean?  You need someone who is freshly educated, relevant and familiar with marketing trends, and one whom is driven, creative, and passionate about all that this industry has to offer.  This is where I come in.

I am driven to curate relevant, fun, and creative campaigns with a fresh perspective topped off with a strategic twist.  My strong attention to detail, constant curiosity, creative nature and passion for this industry motivate me to consistently deliver high-quality work.

Let this blog be an example of a small (delectable) piece of the pie that I can offer to you and your business.  With that said, blogging has taught me a lot about this industry as a whole, and all the divisions that help one boost their online presence.

Why hire me?

google-adwords-certified-partner-logo-250          Hootsuite         gacpbadge      

  1.  I am Google Analytics certified.
  2.  I am Google AdWords certified.
  3. I can successfully manage multiple social media platforms at once, thanks to my Hootsuite certification.
  4.  I understand the inexpensive potential inbound marketing has to offer and why companies should care more about it.
  5.  There are ways to improve your site through simple methods such as, A/B Testing.
  6. I can also successfully curate engaging content, thanks to my improved writing skills and blog post on content marketing.
  7. I have learned what it takes to build a successful, clear CTA via a user-friendly landing page.
  8. I understand the basics of creating successful email marketing campaigns, & ways to increase potential inbound sales.
  9. I am also knowledgable about increasing visibility in organic search through the use of search engine optimization and link building.
  10. I understand the symbiotic relationship Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has with Search Engine Marketing (SEM, aka paid search), and how SEM helps set the foundation for traffic growth.
  11. I have learned about Programmatic Ad Buying, an automated ad buying service that uses data to help one buy specific audiences.
  12. Coding guru may be in my future, since it has proven to be valuable knowledge to have.  For now, I know the basics, and would be more than willing to learn more.
  13. I understand the increasing importance of mobile site optimization. Making your site compatible with multiple platforms is key to increasing potential profit in your pockets.

On top of the summarized blog posts I have been writing, I am a unique individual and there are a few traits you should know about me.

I am creative.

Sprouting and nurturing ideas that have never been done before, excite me and fuel me as an individual.  As a creative, I have always taken an interest in design and the visual qualities of most everything in this world.  I love the idea of combining two completely different elements and somehow when paired together, they compliment each other in the most unnatural but aesthetically pleasing of ways.  In addition, witty word-pairings and fluid phrase structures are my forte.

I am curious.

Curiosity has always been at the heart of who I am.  I would starve without knowledge, and always inquire why things are the way they are and how they became that way.  There is always something to be learned and I especially enjoy sharing what I have learned with others.  Questioning keeps me going and feeds my brain with more creative thoughts and ideas.

I am adaptable.

I have discovered I am a very adaptable individual.  I can fit in just about anywhere.  My ability to read body language plus my keen attention to social cues has contributed to my versatile personality.  I always refused to belong to one exclusive clique. Some may have labeled me as a “floater”, but it kept life interesting.  Even with abroad experiences when language barriers were high, I still found myself fitting in and connecting with those around me.

I am detail-oriented.

I focus on the little things.  Everything comes down to the last period, font, and color.  If it’s not perfect, then it’s not ready. I patiently correct until the final product is exactly what I am looking for.  I am determined to create content that nails the objective I was trying to achieve smack dab on the head.

Last, but not least, here are some stats from my blog up until this post


Screen Shot 2015-06-07 at 12.37.03 PM

Words I have written in total so far ( not including this post):

12,182 words. (That’s a lot!)

Earned Traffic:

 I have received 83 views in total from 24 visitors.  April was by far the month I received the highest amount of traffic with a total of 18 visitors.  This is mostly due to my consistent postings on twitter, advertising each individual post.

Popular Topics

 A/B Testing [ 6 visitors | 13 views]

Content Marketing [ 6 visitors | 13 views ]

 Inbound Marketing [ 9 visitors | 13 views ]

Email Marketing [ 3 visitors | 15 views ]

Post with the widest reach:

My post that received the most reach was, Inbound Marketing – The Subtle “Soft Sell”, which received a total of 9 visitors in 48 hours.  This was most likely due to my use of link building and shout-out to a respected digital marketing agency in Seattle. An employee and the social media maven at the agency both retweeted my blog link, and they each gave me a shoutout.

Thanks for reading!


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