Utilize Social Media Before Your Competitors Do!

With social media, both opportunity and responsibility arise.  Conversations are happening and you want to be apart of that chatter!

What if someone’s complaining about your firm?  What if someone’s admiring your work?  Well, lucky for you, social media platforms allow you to participate in those conversations, giving you the option to take matters in to your own hands. (sort of)

Social media gives you the opportunity to help better (or hinder) your brand image.  It’s just up to you, to learn the proper tools and know how to use them.

The truth of the matter is, social media is not just a fad.  Whether you like it or not, it’s not going away.  Stats only continue to prove this point.  Social media usage continues to be on the rise.


If Facebook were a country, it would be ranked 3rd largest, after China and India.

75% of brand “likes” come from advertisements.

92% of companies use social media for recruitment.

Twitter is gaining 300,000 followers PER DAY!


Customers will be talking about you, why not make that a positive experience?  Interact and reach out before your competitors do.  In order to do this effectively, you must know your buyer personas.  Where does “Marketing Mary” hangout?  What about “Stay-at-home Sally”?  These are questions you should ask in order to help form your marketing social media strategy.

 Shares matter.  Search engines [cough Google] search social media accounts.  Meaning, shares help improve your rank, making social media a very valuable tool.  Plus, do not forget to add links to your social media content in your posts!

Also, make your posts fun! Social media allows you to express your personality.  Think of your social media page as a mixed tape.  Decorate your posts and pages that fit your brand.

Now, let’s focus on three major social media platforms.

1. TWITTER – A living, breathing, ongoing conversation.  Hashtags can go a long way.  The unique component about twitter is the 140 character limit.  The key here is to be concise and post early and often.  Also do not make the common mistake of replying with an “@” symbol, only mutual followers will see it.  ROI can be maximized if you have some sort of character before your response, like a period.  Also, posts with visuals are more likely to be shared.

2. FACEBOOK – 1.3 billion users (1/6 of the worlds population) Keep posts under 250 characters, even if there technically is no limit (there is).  There’s nothing more annoying than the long, ongoing posts that take up half your feed.  Post less frequently than Twitter, but have more valuable, richer posts.  In general, post early in the morning and the afternoon around 2-3pm.  Do not forget, posts with engagement and questions make things fun.

3. LINKEDIN – The serious social media platform.  Here you can post to company pages and profiles.  These will be your heaviest, thought-provoking posts.  In general, post before 8am and after 6pm on Tuesdays & Thursdays.  Also, why not include your employees and have them share your post too.

If you’re interested in learning more go to HubSpot Academy.

Now, I would like to turn your attention to companies that rock at social media!

1. AMC – Breaking Bad:  AMC took over social media platforms with their name generator app.  An interactive project that was splashed all over Facebook.  You can find the generator here.

2. Make-A-Wish – “BatKid”:  The Make-A-Wish foundation took over Twitter with one simple hashtag “#SFbatkid”.  The hashtag went viral and SanFrancisco basically shut down just to make this little boys wish come true.  Take a look at how awesome it turned out!

3. IKEA – DIY:  Pinterest is one of my favorite social media platforms.  Now I like it even better, thanks to IKEA!  IKEA is a social media genius when it comes to utilizing social media to their advantage.  IKEA has blasted their Pinterest feed, with fun DIY projects to help spark the imagination of their followers.  Nice work, IKEA.  If you’re unfamiliar with this furniture brand, maybe this advertisement will ignite some intrigue.



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