What You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Content marketing.  I know I have touched on this before, but it really is an effective way to boost new traffic to your site and solidify customer acquisition.  In today’s post, I will start by noting and analyzing five steps to creating a beneficial content marketing campaign.

1. Know Your Audience!

Buyer personas come in hand when trying to understand your readers.  In order to create a buyer persona like “Tech-savy Sally” you must determine who your current and potential customers are, as well as those who would find your content useful.

2. Each Stage of the Sale Cycle Must Be Addressed.

All needs of your readers must be met, no matter where they are in the sales funnel.  In other words, content must be tailored for different prospects down the funnel at different stages.  Basically there are three types of content you can produce.

1. Awareness – promotional brand content. Your readers need to know more about you and what you do.

2. Evaluation- case studies, webinars, tech guides. Your potential buyer is still not ready to commit.

3. Purchase- make it easy for them.  Provide demos and free trials. Why should they choose your product?

3. Create the Content (duh)

Fun Fact: The average number of words you should write when creating content is about 2,000 words.  In fact, it shocked me that longer posts actually ranked higher in google search results.  They also statistically get shared more often too!

4. Promote the Content

Content does not market itself (unfortunately).  You will have to do a little work.  Share and promote everything you post! It may sound obnoxious, but it’s important.  Excellent content with zero views, means absolutely nothing.

5. Measure & Analyze

Finally, you need to measure how well you are doing.  If this post was absolutely meaningless to you, check the numbers.  What do the analytics say?  Hmm..Maybe you learned something after all!

Measure your success by asking yourself these questions:

~How many page views did I attract?

~ What type of content was read and/or shared the most?

~How did they find me, what keywords did I use in that post?

~How many leads were generated from my content?

Remember, you cannot be afraid of failure when it comes to content marketing.  It will happen.  Success takes a while.  Yet, content marketing is so affordable, that it’s silly not to partake in inbound marketing.  Eliminate the boundaries and go all in.  (You see what I did there.)

Now, I would like to take a step back.  I explored HubSpots Academy on inbound marketing, and it went over the very basics of content.  For example, content is the message, what you are trying to say.  In fact, not much has changed, content has always existed in marketing.  The reason why content is such a hot topic, is because the modern age has recently changed ways in which we deliver that message.  Scroll back up to step 2, this step highlights which types of mediums you should consider using when trying to communicate to a certain reader along the sale cycle.

The last piece our professor suggested we read is a report titled Content Marketing Trends for 2015.  Here I will highlight some of the most important trends you should know about.

1. Be selective with your social media platforms.  Focus your staff on quality vs. quantity.  Great content always beats good content.  Having a little bit of everything, everywhere does little to nothing for you.

2. Agencies should specialize in strategy and work closely with branding and communication teams.  Try sending one large interconnected message as a team.

3. LinkedIn organic posts have a reach that lasts for days. (unlike Facebook organic posts)

4. Facebook has incredible targeting abilities, making CPC relatively inexpensive.

5. Take part in reoccurring weekly/monthly content posts.  It keeps people awaiting your posts and increases excitement!

6. Until next Monday 😉

Ok, I’m not quite done. Lastly, I want to touch on some current tips for content marketers, aka listen up!

1. Tell a story, then tell a better story,

2. Answer questions your prospects ask.  Do your research.  Find out what they want to know or may be interested in learning.

3. Think about how you’re going to promote your content before you even write it.  If it’s not worth promoting, then forget it.

4. Employee generated content is great!  Like I mentioned in my last post, some agencies provide commission for each post an employee makes.

5. Learn the skill of writing good headlines.


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