My 1st [Brilliant] Blog!

Please Note: This blog has been created for the sole purpose of my Digital Marketing class at Western Washington University.

Before I cut to the heart of my very #firstblogpost, I believe you, as the reader, should learn a little about the author (thats me!). I was born and raised in the suburbia of Seattle in a small(ish) town they call Bothell. I share a strong passion for music and have an unhealthy obsession for interior design and DIY projects. I am very familiar with the famous 5-year plan as my fifth year in college is sadly coming to a close. I am shorter than most, say approximately 5’1″, but do not let my height fool you. All in all, I am extremely excited to navigate the foreign world of digital marketing, and would love for you to join me on this journey.

Digital marketing is not only relevant to my future career, but it is an integral part of modern day marketing. For me, signing up for Digital Marketing was a no-brainer. Not only will one receive tangible industry-recognized certifications upon completion, but the intangible knowledge I will gain from this course is invaluable to my growth as a professional marketer. Speaking of growth, blogging is really quite foreign to me, so bear with me as I learn the in’s and out’s of creating desirable content.

I am most excited to be able to say upon successful completion of this course I will be certified in Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and HootSuite. In addition, I am curious to know current industry trends and up-and-coming digital marketing tools. I cannot wait to delve deeper in to the vast and unknown world of Digital Marketing.

The first article instructed to read for this course is titled, Journal Of Marketing EducationIt’s main focus is on colleges understanding the importance of teaching marketing concepts, while incorporating technical marketing skills necessary for a post-graduates survival in the workforce. According to the Journal Of Marketing Education, they emphasize the importance for business schools to teach students not only oral and written communication (e.g., this blog), but most importantly, critical thinking. The biggest challenge for universities, is taking what we learn in college, and translating it across lower, middle, and upper-level marketing positions. With such a rapidly changing industry, it’s crucial to stay up to date on the the newest sought after technical skills. I could not agree more with the teaching approach this journal states. For example, I’ll never forget when a professor of mine, went out of her way to emphasize the importance of noting technical skills on our resumes and LinkedIn account. This article furthers that theory that knowledge of current marketing tools, makes you a more attractive and qualified candidate for open positions.

The second article I read is a forward thinking piece called, US Interactive Marketing Forecast by Shar VanBoskirk. This articles stresses the increase in interactive marketing and where the digital age is headed. For example, it states search marketing will focus more on “getting found” through more than just search engines. The article also talked about increasing customer relationship management by personalizing emails to lapsed customers. In summary, daily deals will die as consumers become desensitized to the overload of offerings. The four P’s will be a more critical component to acquiring customers with the hope that pleasurable experiences will increase brand loyalty. Targeting the right audience will become more effective with the help of ad-supported devices for the small price of free services offered by sites such as, Google and Facebook.

The final article that I found most interesting is titled The State of Digital Marketing TalentThis article discusses something they call “The Talent Gap”. They believe there is a substantial talent gap between what employers believe are important skills for digital marketing employees to have, and what they observe their current existing employees to possess. It also touches on the difficulty in finding new marketers. Weeding out resumes has proven to be a challenge along with companies having unreasonable workloads for less qualified and/or inexperienced applicants. The article ends with the statement that 78% of large enterprises consider online digital marketing classes of value to them, yet many are not taking this desire seriously. I believe in order to successfully survive in any field, one must never stop learning. Digital marketing is one of those unique industries that constantly presents new methods and technologies. Without an active stance on educating current and new staff on up-to-date practices, the company in my eyes is falling short.

That’s all for now. Tune in next time and watch my blogging skills transform before your very eyes!


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